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Planning Drawings and Building Regulations Drawings

Planning and Building Regulations Drawings

Accurate detailed drawings are key to a successful project. Many projects fail because essential information required was not in place at the start of the project!

Our drawings are produced using Autocad software. The advantage of computer generated drawings is that they are generally clearer than hand produced drawings. The other advantage is that they can be converted into a pdf document and emailed easily. All Planning Applications and Building Regulations drawings are submitted online using ‘The Planning Portal’ or 'Submitaplan'.This has the benefit of reducing printing costs and saving the client money and expediting the whole process. We also draw by hand if required.

Architectural Plans for builders

The attention to detail is everything. Builders like clear plans with a detailed specification. If the builder is pricing for your job they will need a set of Building Regulations plans to work from to provide an accurate quotation. It is also a document that the client can use to check that the builder is not using inferior products or taking short cuts. This document will save you money in the long run. 

Some examples of previous architectural plans ...

Example Drawing 1

Example Drawing 2

Example Drawing 3

Example Drawing 4

Example Drawing 5