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A guide to making planning applications

The following information is available on the Planning Portal which you can access via your local Authorities web site or the link below. You can check with your local planning department to confirm if you require planning permission. You can download or request a householder enquiry form, just fill it in and the planning department will tell you whether you do need to submit a planning application or whether you can carry out the works under Permitted Development. If the works are carried out under permitted development then it is advisable that you apply for a certificate of lawful development. If you decide to sell your property solicitors may ask for proof that an extension or alterations were carried out via planning permission or built lawfully.

Planning permission

If you live in a listed building, conservation area, flood risk area or national park, further restrictions apply. During the site visit we will inform you how best to proceed with the extra red tape involved.

The Planning Portal is available at which all Local Authorities use for electronic applications have produced excellent guides giving up to date information.

How is your application assessed

The planning officer will assess your application on a variety of general principles which will probably appear in the Supplementary Planning Guidance from the local authority. Planning Control is subject to specific planning policies that can can be found in the local plan or local development framework.(K.Dijsman 2007). They will take into account the following:

  • The effect of the proposal on the environment and on neighbouring properties
  • The look and appearance of the proposal within the surrounding area

Please note that environmental factors will also have an effect such as if you live in a flood risk zone