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A guide to making Building Regulation Applications

Building Regulations - helping you

(The following text is an extract from Building Regulations In Brief by Ray Tricker and Rozz Algar 2007)

The building regulations 2000 are a set of minimum requirements and basic performance standards designed to safeguard the welfare and health and safety of people in and around buildings.

They are legal requirements laid down by parliment and are based on the building act 1984:

  • Approved by Parliament Deal with the minimum standards of design and building work for the construction of commercial and domestic buildings.
  • Set out the procedure for ensuring that building work meets the standards laid down.
  • Are designed to ensure structural stability.Promote the use of suitable materials to provide adequate durability, fire and weather resistance and the prevention of damp.
  • Stipulate the minimum amount of ventilation and natural light to be provided for habitable rooms.
  • Ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings (by providing functional requirements for building design and construction).
  • Promote energy efficiency in buildings.Contribute to meeting the needs of disabled people.

A full plans application is the usual course of action unless the drawing work is for a recommended builder, who needs to start on site immediately and is fully conversant with the local regulations.In this instance a building notice is issued with a reduced set of drawings.

We still detail the work which is to be approved by the inspector on site.